Where is Transport for London’s money Mr Khan?

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8320093/PIERS-MORGAN-Dithering-buck-passing-Mayor-Sadiq-Khan-absolute-disgrace.html I am no fan of Sadiq Khan and his political point scoring is really very tedious but I could not believe what I was reading when he demanded, yes demanded billions from the Government today or else he was pulling the plug on TFL including trains, subway and buses. How outrageous that a manContinue reading “Where is Transport for London’s money Mr Khan?”

Lord Adonis gets it wrong AGAIN…

https://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/1281826/Brexit-news-delay-extension-negotiations-lord-Adonis-eu-boris-johnson Andrew Adonis being ever faithful to his Master Tony Blair is calling again for the Brexit to be extended… He will have that written on his tombstone Adonis has not held power because the people have never elected him, but rather his Lordship is for just being a chum of Blair’s. He stood onceContinue reading “Lord Adonis gets it wrong AGAIN…”

Judge for yourself

Starmer’s Litany of Failure as Director of Public Prosecutions The continued failure of Starmer and how dangerous people are still on the streets because of his failure. Read how justice was never fulfilled because of his failure and how victims were ignored because of his failure.

I actually feel sorry for Diane Abbott

https://www.politicalite.com/lab/labour/breaking-bad-diane-abbotts-son-carried-out-attacks-while-hooked-on-crystal-meth/ As much as I dislike everything she stands for, I do actually feel sorry for her on a mother to mother level. It must be hard to watch your once bright son destroy himself over drugs, and then to attack his mother…..that has to hurt emotionally. We are not here to judge him asContinue reading “I actually feel sorry for Diane Abbott”