Outrageous Decision

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8314845/Gerry-Adams-wins-Supreme-Court-appeal-against-convictions.html Is the Supreme Court sitting in our best interest ? It has overturned a conviction for the terrorist Gerry Adams for trying to escape the Maze Prison…..yep he was in the Prison because as we all know he is the worse of the worst….. The Supreme Court also known as the dream child ofContinue reading “Outrageous Decision”

Let’s send the PM all the love…..

Boris Johnson has by far the hardest job any PM has had since WW2. He has to steer this country whilst an invisible enemy is trying to strike us down, and helping so that we stay safe whilst having constant unhelpful digs from Keir Starmer and his useless shadow back bench. He is determined toContinue reading “Let’s send the PM all the love…..”