Boy did Labour get it wrong picking Starmer!!!

This pandemic has shown that we have put our faith quite rightly with our Prime Minister Boris Johnson and despite him looking frightfully pale yesterday, he still managed to give a rousing speech and things suddenly took a turn for the better with him back at the helm….welcome back PM. However, you would think inContinue reading “Boy did Labour get it wrong picking Starmer!!!”

The madness of King Trump and “Virus” cures…… I like Donald Trump I really do and found his straight forward way of dealing with things so refreshing from the usual garbage spouted by politicians, but even I think he has gone too far now. I have never heard something so horrendous as to even suggest injecting disinfectant. Dear god the Nazis didContinue reading “The madness of King Trump and “Virus” cures……”

The outrageous bill for Warrington Councillors

I read with growing anger the ever increasing costs of Warrington Councillors. Article from the Warrington Guardian 22nd April 2020 “It features 10 Warrington Borough Council officers, although some have since left the authority. The pay packets include officersโ€™ overall remuneration โ€“ which includes salaries, expenses, compensation and pension contributions. In 2018-19, the list saysContinue reading “The outrageous bill for Warrington Councillors”