Knowing the risk makes them bigger heroes than they already were…..

Doctors and nurses from a black, Asian or minority ethnic (BAME) background have been disproportionately affected by coronavirus. Pictured are those that have died from the virus. – Daily Mail 30th April 2020

Thank you seems such a small word for the bravery of those Doctors and nurses who despite knowing the risk and paying the ultimate price for that bravery, still put themselves in harms way to treat the patients that came into their care.

If the headline in the Daily Mail is true and the BAME are the most at risk then they should be removed, although I should imagine hospital administrators would have one hell of a job telling a Doctor or nurse who has dedicated their lives to helping others that they cannot do their job because of a risk.

I can see the comments now….”rubbish I can and get out of my way I have a patient to see too”….because that is who they are. They are gods angels on this earth and running into the battlefield that is the NHS when the virus is the enemy is the same as those in a real battle as both leave casualties and we should honour them the same way.

God bless all those who put others before themselves as they are the true humanitarians of this planet and let us not forget them when we have turned the corner on this virus as everyone of them is precious.

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