Agreeing a 2nd time….

This pandemic has some of us doing thinking outside of our normal political box and for the 2nd time in my life and within weeks I find myself agreeing with a militant union chief.

Mike Cash is the RMT Union Chief and he is a militant and everything that normally irks me as a conservative, but he is putting his points forward in an excellent argument as to why he will not recommend his members going back to work…..especially as a new report today states that the underground system may be unable to cope with social distancing measures and putting people at risk again and again.

The leaked report states that TFL including tubes, buses and trains would struggle with the social distancing measures and it needs another 4 weeks minimum….there is also the fact that the staff are not being provided with the appropriate PPE and sadly members have died through this wicked virus, which if you think about it scandalous. As Chairman of the TFL committee due to being Mayor, Khan can make decisions that does not need the government to authorise… where are the safety standards?

As usual the Mayor has stated that they cannot cope financially and will be struggling….only for it to slip out from a TFL spokesman that there are reserves of £1.2 billion, and that there are enough reserves and that means yet again Khan is being light with the truth and lets face it he has done very little to protect his workers….infact I listen a lot to LBC and all he does is moan and moan about the Government and try to score cheap political points which nobody listens to anymore, and where it is annoying people more and more.

When are Londoners going to wake up and realise that he is next to useless and instead of doing what is needed to protect Londoners and especially the staff, he is too busy trying to score cheap political points. Lets hope when the time comes they vote him out.

TFL need to on this occasion listen to their Trade Union Boss and go back to work only when it is safe, as when they feel safe surely it will be safe for Londoners especially as it must feel like running the gauntlet everyday to just get to work….and because of his total mismanagement and failures Khan is putting the key workers at risk.

I am just surprised at the fact that I am backing Mike Cash and as stated this virus is bringing out agreements in people who would never meet in the middle in a million years, and despite normally holding the capital to ransom for silly demands…not now….in this case he is right.

Khan I doubt even uses the tube especially now and he has proved himself a failure every time with London and for the safety and return to work of the TFL staff he needs to put the running of TFL in the hands of the Government and the Union and let them talk it through as then and only then will there be the required safety standards for both staff and customers….as leaving it to Khan…..god help them.

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