Agreeing a 2nd time…. This pandemic has some of us doing thinking outside of our normal political box and for the 2nd time in my life and within weeks I find myself agreeing with a militant union chief. Mike Cash is the RMT Union Chief and he is a militant and everything that normally irks me as aContinue reading “Agreeing a 2nd time….”

Knowing the risk makes them bigger heroes than they already were…..

Thank you seems such a small word for the bravery of those Doctors and nurses who despite knowing the risk and paying the ultimate price for that bravery, still put themselves in harms way to treat the patients that came into their care. If the headline in the Daily Mail is true and theContinue reading “Knowing the risk makes them bigger heroes than they already were…..”

Schools to stay closed….

A study in Shenzhen, China has discovered that children DO catch the virus as often as adults and can spread it to the older generation…. This is why the schools must stay closed. When the mere mention of going back to school hit my ears I panicked like mad and contacted my daughter, whoContinue reading “Schools to stay closed….”