Death Row Stories – BBC American Vs British Law.

I have been watching Death Row Stories on the BBC and it has made me want the Death Penalty more in the United Kingdom not less.

When you look at the American justice system it seems that when found guilty the defendant the help is all geared towards helping the murderer and not the victims and that is wrong on every level.

I was struck at how some students at American universities are given death row cases and using any trick in the book to get the death penalty postponed despite knowing the individual is guilty. IS that not wrong? Even the bible says an eye for an eye and they should pay the price for the pain and suffering they have caused. How many times should the guilty get a bite at the legal system before enough is enough? I am not saying that there are not innocent people on Death Row and with the onset of DNA there should be no or very few mistakes….but watching the documentary series I realise that there is very little concern for the pain of the relatives of the victims throughout the programme, and you end up screaming at the screen “what about the victims? What about the relatives who were given a death sentence

We have one lawyer who is stating that they not only need jurors but good jurors to save the life of a young man who beat to death an elderly couple….What the hell do you do with him? If he can do that at the age of 18 what good is he to the planet? I hear time and time again how they had a dreadful upbringing but what an insult to those who have had an awful childhood, but who took that and turned it into a positive way to live and helped others along the way.

It is a fascinating programme and watching so many programmes on the American Law….as this is not the only one I watch but I am beginning to realise that I actually know more about American Law than I do the British one.

The only thing I do find cruel for those waiting on death row is that it takes upto 20 years and that is beyond cruel….they should do what we did as a system take 3 clear Sundays and drop them.

Looking at the state of the world now and one where Law and Order is breaking down as lets look at London and the stabbings and murders of the youth, we have no deterrents and the sentences that are given is laughable….out in a couple of years after spending their sentence playing on a PS4 with access to mobile phones, the internet and drugs.

I like how the Americans have a harsher sentencing. I am a member of a group who like K9s and the difference is unbelievable in the sentencing. A thug in the UK battered a WPC and a K9 and got 4 years…..a thug attacked a K9 and got 25 years….now that is a sentence, and in some cases if you murder a K9 you could get life. Why have our sentences become so soft? Have the bleeding hearts brigade had too much input and the scales of justice are now tipping to the benefit of the defendent/guilty?

The programme is worth watching as it plays on your emotion….well it did for me and they interviewed the jurors and like me the majority were determined that justice would be done. One of the perps attacked a woman 19 times… can you say that he deserves a second chance?

Have we as a community become immune to violence to the point that we just accept the pitiful laws and judgements?

If you can watch and see how poor our own sentences are compared to the States. After all life there means life…here it could be as little as out in 13 years….since when has 13 years been life?

Maybe we should start as a community to look at the return of the death sentence for those who murder children, police and the elderly…..after all 2 out of 3 of those stand no chance.

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