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It is about time the EU were put in their place especially Barnier. He has gone out of his way to try and humiliate the UK infact I would go as far as to say the whole of the EU parliament building has tried….failed miserably but they have tried. They have refused to recognise us as an independent state and thought from day one that they could force us to change our minds as they have done with some many others and stay in their horror of a superstate…..well they really don’t understand what it means to be British and that is never getting bossed around by people that our fathers and grandfathers fought to rescue from tyranny.

That fight is still alive today as there are people who can remember it like Captain Tom Moore and how insulting that the EU and especially this Frenchman who thought they could force us to do what they want and punish us! There was no hatred when it was British men storming the beaches of Normandy with the allies to free France from the Nazis…..and I know some people will think oh there she goes again….but can you imagine if it was the other way round??? We would still be expected to pay homage to them…and god they would never let each generation forget.

That is why when we British twigged that the EU was nothing more than a superstate for the benefit of Germany that we made the right choice to leave. We all know that Germany is the one benefitting from it….after all look at what they have done to Greece. They screwed her over in the War and first forward 70 odd years later and they are doing it again. We want Britain to be ruled by the British and not Europe and definitely not Germany.

Their is no brotherhood of nations as they have left poor Italy to suffer and Spain….no bail out for them with help with this dreadful virus but you can bet your bottom dollar the eurocrats will have their hands out for the monies due from Italy and Spain with the mealy mouthed words of should have done more, after all there are lavish lifestyles to pay for.

They can push around their fellow Europeans but they cannot and never will dictate to the British what we can and cannot do with our waters and if I had my way any foreign vessel that fished in our waters would be blown out of it as pirates….but guess that is why I am not a politician as they have more tact than I ……as I would have told the annoying Frenchman Barnier and the Rabid Belgian Verhofstadt where they could stick any form of negotiations.

Infact its laughable that the EU is still using the pretence they are trying to negotiate….they inform the UK that we cannot cherry pick what we want yet they are trying to do exactly that. Could it be that the EU are hypocrites…well who would have thought it!!

They are our waters and the rights belong to our fishermen and when our industries have the required quotas to get our fishing industry up and running then we will discuss giving permits. For far too long the EU have because of spineless British politicians run amok over this country, our businesses and our people and the first time they are told no….the big sulk himself Barnier is literally falling over his bottom lip quibble.

If its a no deal great….I prefer that and to keep our £39billion as we are not paying …infact I have no idea why we are paying anyway and I would leave them in the corrupt mess they themselves created. After all we all know that the financial books have not been signed off because of corruption and can you imagine our Government doing that? This is what happens when you hand over your freedom to unelected, unapproachable, unanswerable bureaucrats who deem they can do what they want, when they want and make no apologies for it….yet to continue to draw their very generous wages and pensions. Well yet again Great Britain will have saved Europe from itself and we will continue to push for our neighbours to join us in this sweet taste of freedom. We want to work with our friends in Europe as individual nation states….as free nation states.

In the meantime…Barnier needs to find a dark room to lie down in till at least the 1st January 2021 and we need to let the EU know that they are wasting our time and theirs and that we are off …out on WTO terms and until they treat us with respect….nothing….

After all we are the biggest customer in Europe and I can see it now…some French farmer saying…. Non I am not going to sell to the British and will take the loss for the sake of Europe”….not likely.

A free lesson to the EU…don’t try to bully the British…we might talk about the weather, tut in the queue and drink tea…but annoy us and we are the country to show you the error of your ways and our roar…..is very very very loud.

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2 thoughts on “About Time……

  1. I began to lose interest in Brexit when diehard Remainers starting dancing on the heads of pins. The machinations used to delay things were really quite confusing, I felt. It just struck me as a futile, anally-retentive thing guaranteed to exasperate Brexiteers and befuddle – and maybe give false hope to – people who’d voted to stay in the EU.

    In a democracy, sometimes you get what you want and sometimes you don’t.

    More people voted to Leave than voted to Remain. It’s as simple as that. We Remainers lost the argument and needed to accept the result and work towards making it work as well as possible.

    However, the EU owes us nothing. Though I despair of Remainers who secretly hope Brexit fails, I also groan every time a Brexiteer says the EU ‘aint being fair.

    The EU owes us nothing, and just as we should strive to get the best possible result, and the maximum benefits for, UKplc and its people, the EU has a duty to its member states and their people. If Barnier et al are being “difficult” God help us when we negotiate with the United States, for example. Even if Donald Trump had never been born, the US would strive to get a deal with us in its own best interests.

    Trade deals and diplomacy 8sn’t necessarily always a zero-sum game but it often is.

    That, surely, is the reality of leaving the EU. We NOT entitled to EVERYTHING we just because we’re…..well……British and we stormed the beaches at Normandy. Because if that’s your argument, the Americans fought two wars against us.


    1. We are not expecting everything but we were not expecting the tantrum throwing from the EU,….it should a mutual benefit for all parties but the EU can’t play nice.


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