This is outrageous and a direct threat to Conservatives…..but as usual Labour will do nothing

In a video seen by The Mail on Sunday, Left-wing firebrand Lloyd Russell-Moyle told Labour supporters: ‘I do not think it is an exaggeration when we say the Conservatives have conspired to murder and let die British citizens. That is what they have done and that is what they will continue to do.’ 

The incendiary comments provoked outrage across the political spectrum, with even Labour MPs privately calling on Sir Keir to fire Mr Russell-Moyle from his position as a Shadow Environment Minister. 

The Brighton MP – one of the few Jeremy Corbyn supporters to keep a frontbench job when Sir Keir became Labour leader earlier this month – made his comments during last year’s General Election campaign. 

This is absolutely outrageous but are we surprised by who Starmer has in his new team? We have Rebecca Wrong Daily who is using the coronavirus to hit out at the government and her favourite hate campaign…private schools. She just doesn’t get it….we would all of us send our children to a private school if we could afford it but as usual the hate filled Labour mob just spout their usual rabid nonsense, whilst living in big houses they flip, very generous expenses and wages to top it up and incomes that few of us can even imagine……

It seems that there is now more than one rabid fuelled appalling individual in the Starmer pretend government….

As well as being filmed claiming that 100,000 had ‘died early’ because of Tory policies, the 33-year-old also appeared to threaten Conservative voters in his constituency, saying that the area was ‘not Tory-free enough for my liking. We’ve still got a few more to rout out but because of your fantastic door-knocking, we know where they live.’ 

A spokesman for the Labour leader last night condemned Mr Russell-Moyle’s comments as ‘unacceptable’ but signalled that he would keep his job. Allies of Sir Keir also pointed out the remarks were made before he became leader. 

Oh well that’s alright then Starmer….its ok to have a man in your team who openly lies, spreads the most malicious garbage and makes threats to conservative voters, but Starmer doesn’t see it as a worry as this was done before he became leader and nothing to do with him (what a shocker…just like the anti semetism)……but it was said whilst he and Starmer were in the Shadow Cabinet TOGETHER and by doing nothing more than having a “chat” the leader will be seen to be endorsing him and standing by him. Otherwise any decent person would fire this appalling individual because it now seems that some in the Labour party have moved on from the Jewish people (and I am married to a Jewish man), to now indirectly threatening conservative voters in their areas….god help them if they are Jewish and vote conservative, expect the disgraceful MP to send round the hate mob.

This is no surprise as the leader himself defended terrorists and now he is openly defending a man who is inspiring hatred against conservative voters. This is a hate crime and needs to be dealt with harshly as some moron will follow through what the pathetic individual of an MP says and openly try to drive someone out….and not if but when that happens then both Starmer and this disgraceful MP should be made to answer for it to Parliament and the voters.

What on earth has happened to our Parliament as it seems sometimes they will let in any old uneducated hate monger!

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