Royal Mail Cancels Saturday Deliveries

I am all for this as I have the most wonderful young postie who my dog Zeus absolutely loves and even the postie says it is unusual for a dog to wait for him.

Before the virus arrived I used to make cakes and always an extra one for the postie and he especially liked the brownies just out of the oven that I thrust into his hand as he handed over the post, and throughout rain or shine he was always there with a smile on his face and cuddle for the dog.

If it means that the Royal Mail are protecting their workers then I am all for it and to be honest I cannot see Saturday deliveries picking up again after this…I might be wrong but I doubt it…. but for now….do we desperately need the mail at the risk of our brave posties? Surely if its urgent an email or phone call will do.

Packages and parcels will still be delivered but I should imagine with some postal workers becoming ill that the Royal Mail are struggling, but lets hear it for the brave men and women of our postal service who have tried to make sure that life goes on as normal. Thank you for your brave effort and posties are always a joy to see in daily life and we want that to continue.

There lives are not worth the risk and I for one want to see my lovely young postie with his smile again at my door and I know that Zeus does as he misses him.

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