2 or 3 ….. what will it be?


As a non drinker I cannot say this particularly bothers me as both Mr Points of Sue and I gave up the mothers ruin a long long time ago, infact I think I actually barely started.

So…..with the news that the restrictions might be lifted and resulting in 2 or 3 pints in a pub my son was aghast….”but only old people like you and dad go to the pub” says he…..I guess the shouting at each other in a nightclub and dancing just badly is the young persons thing.

Old I felt insulted as I am in my early 50s and Mr Points of Sue late 50s and that is not old by any means and secondly when has he ever seen us in a pub? We spend our nights in with a bottle of fizzy pop in a wine glass and a packet of cheese and onion pringles as we are dead posh….but we are not couch potatoes with the TV on…as we enjoy sitting in the garden with our treats and the telescope, as looking at the night sky at dusk and dark in summer is a lovely way to spend the night and cheaper and less crowded….even with the grandchildren and their enthusiasm is wonderful to see.

What he forgets is that by the time lockdown is finished 2 or 3 pints is probably all the majority can manage and we shall expect to see a lot of drunken folk out for the cheapest night out they have ever had…..

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