This is outrageous and a direct threat to Conservatives…..but as usual Labour will do nothing In a video seen by The Mail on Sunday, Left-wing firebrand Lloyd Russell-Moyle told Labour supporters: ‘I do not think it is an exaggeration when we say the Conservatives have conspired to murder and let die British citizens. That is what they have done and that is what they will continue to do.’  TheContinue reading “This is outrageous and a direct threat to Conservatives…..but as usual Labour will do nothing”

2 or 3 ….. what will it be? As a non drinker I cannot say this particularly bothers me as both Mr Points of Sue and I gave up the mothers ruin a long long time ago, infact I think I actually barely started. So…..with the news that the restrictions might be lifted and resulting in 2 or 3 pints in aContinue reading “2 or 3 ….. what will it be?”

Royal Mail Cancels Saturday Deliveries I am all for this as I have the most wonderful young postie who my dog Zeus absolutely loves and even the postie says it is unusual for a dog to wait for him. Before the virus arrived I used to make cakes and always an extra one for the postie and he especiallyContinue reading “Royal Mail Cancels Saturday Deliveries”

Boy did Labour get it wrong picking Starmer!!!

This pandemic has shown that we have put our faith quite rightly with our Prime Minister Boris Johnson and despite him looking frightfully pale yesterday, he still managed to give a rousing speech and things suddenly took a turn for the better with him back at the helm….welcome back PM. However, you would think inContinue reading “Boy did Labour get it wrong picking Starmer!!!”