The outrageous bill for Warrington Councillors

I read with growing anger the ever increasing costs of Warrington Councillors.

Article from the Warrington Guardian 22nd April 2020

It features 10 Warrington Borough Council officers, although some have since left the authority. The pay packets include officers’ overall remuneration – which includes salaries, expenses, compensation and pension contributions.

In 2018-19, the list says former director of public health Dr Muna Abdel Aziz received a total pay packet of £163,647, including a salary of £132,037, former director of families and wellbeing Steve Peddie £158,197, including a salary £122,779, former director of economic regeneration Andy Farrall £145,850, including a salary of £117,603, chief executive Steven Broomhead £145,177, including a salary of £144,331 and deputy chief executive Lynton Green £144,558, including a salary of £105,880.”

This is absolutely outrageous especially as they seem to able to increase their pay and costs at a whim. I live in Warrington and despite our rapid building programme and thousands and thousands of new residents, nothing has improved. We have a number of new large businesses set up and should be feeling the benefit of all this new money coming in and nope nothing. I cannot even remember the last time we saw a council staff member on the streets picking up litter or killing the weeds down the paths, and infact I have resorted to it along with other residents to keep our alleyways clear as they are a blot on our homes and it looks so scruffy.

The potholes are horrendous and schools are still hit and miss to get the ones you want, and surely the money coming in should have provided for new schools, new play areas for the children as the one near me is quite pitiful and there is nothing for the children to do….and we all know that bored children act out.

What is really galling is that the council keep telling us again and again that there is no money and that they will have to cut services to the bone, but there is always money for them. Infact the CEO of the Council very kindly invested our money into a failing energy firm to the tune of millions despite it having the worst customer feedback and negative rating….and what did he gain from it…yep a Director’s post. How very nice for him. Seems it is ok to take our money to gain a Director’s post and have the same twaddle statement that it is good for investment, when it is clearly not.

The council has invested £72 million with a building firm in London and a solar energy firm and we will never gain the money back. I get the feeling they think it is their money and can do with it as they please, and that £72 million should have been used to build much needed houses. London is not our problem and it should never have been given.

They are not fit to run the Council and to earn more than the PM is outrageous and shows that they are not working for the people….. What ever happened to working on the council as Aldermen and for the honour of helping the town? No it seems that it is just a life long lap of luxury on the taxpayers money, and with this virus happening I can honestly say that this council has provided nothing to help.

Any help is being offered by the good people of the town who want to look out for their friends and neighbours, and by our hard working MP Andy Carter who does not seem to stop.

It is about time we scrutinised the wages, the expenses and any other “gift” these people get and cross reference it against the actual work that they do and I would not be surprised if it was sadly wanting.

I will be writing to the MP to request that he looks into the costs of this Labour council and to hold them to account for the continuing increases and roll on the elections as I for one will be letting the residents of the town know exactly what they are paying for and currently as it stands…NOT MUCH.

What has happened to our money? Why are there not more youth areas for the kids? Parks for the younger ones and more day care centres for the pensioners? Help for single parents and those with disabilities? Our town has grown at a massive rate and they must be coining it in with the council tax, yet there has been no real change with it and that is the most outrageous of all.

Shame on them……..

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