I am not a fan of the RMT but…..

In this case I fully back their decision that without PPE their members will not be increasing the shift pattern for Transport for London.

Some papers are stating that they are holding London to ransom and I guess in one way they are, but it is a ransom that is only asking for their members to be treated correctly and for them to be given items that could save their lives.

After all they are expected to run their buses on time, run the trains and trams on time as they are full of people getting to work, vital people getting to work but surely those who are driving this transport are just as vital.

I used to use the underground a lot in my youth and it was packed then and now it seems it is the sardine express on a daily basis, and it is unacceptable for key workers to have to run the gauntlet of potential virus infection due to lack of suitable transport, and it is unacceptable for the transport staff to have to put their lives in danger knowing that there is nothing to protect them.

TFL (Transport for London) should have automatically issued their staff with the PPE and sadly some of the transport staff have died of this awful pandemic, and this should have opened TFL and the Mayor’s eyes to the plight of the staff and it hasn’t…and that is dreadful as it either shows a lack of care or just a lack of interest.

If the easiest option is to get these brave souls PPE to get them back to work and to ease the overcrowding then surely it is worth it…..but to just seal up one end of the bus is not enough and Khan knows it and the management of TFL know it too.

I am sorry that people will struggle to get to work but if my partner worked for a company that was putting them in harms way then there is no way he would be stepping foot outside the door, as along with the key workers in the NHS…these brave individuals have families, a home and a life and they are worth protecting just as much.

That is why I am shocked to find myself on the same side as the RMT as for once they are actually making sense and shame on those who are ignoring their pleas for the safety of their members.

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