Agreeing a 2nd time…. This pandemic has some of us doing thinking outside of our normal political box and for the 2nd time in my life and within weeks I find myself agreeing with a militant union chief. Mike Cash is the RMT Union Chief and he is a militant and everything that normally irks me as aContinue reading “Agreeing a 2nd time….”

Knowing the risk makes them bigger heroes than they already were…..

Thank you seems such a small word for the bravery of those Doctors and nurses who despite knowing the risk and paying the ultimate price for that bravery, still put themselves in harms way to treat the patients that came into their care. If the headline in the Daily Mail is true and theContinue reading “Knowing the risk makes them bigger heroes than they already were…..”

Schools to stay closed….

A study in Shenzhen, China has discovered that children DO catch the virus as often as adults and can spread it to the older generation…. This is why the schools must stay closed. When the mere mention of going back to school hit my ears I panicked like mad and contacted my daughter, whoContinue reading “Schools to stay closed….”

About Time…… It is about time the EU were put in their place especially Barnier. He has gone out of his way to try and humiliate the UK infact I would go as far as to say the whole of the EU parliament building has tried….failed miserably but they have tried. They have refused to recogniseContinue reading “About Time……”

Huge Thank You

I have today had the same number of views for 4 months….that I achieved for last year. Thank you so much for taking interest into what is after all only my opinion. I have so enjoyed doing this and interacting with everyone and I look forward to a bumper year.

Death Row Stories – BBC American Vs British Law.

I have been watching Death Row Stories on the BBC and it has made me want the Death Penalty more in the United Kingdom not less. When you look at the American justice system it seems that when found guilty the defendant the help is all geared towards helping the murderer and not theContinue reading “Death Row Stories – BBC American Vs British Law.”

BBC Journalists make my blood boil……

Watching the BBC whilst having breakfast which I really should have known better……I could feel my blood pressure rising at the way they are constantly sniping at the Prime Minister. Almost gloating that he would not turn up to PMQs today as nobody had informed them (since when does a Government inform some journalist whatContinue reading “BBC Journalists make my blood boil……”

This is outrageous and a direct threat to Conservatives…..but as usual Labour will do nothing In a video seen by The Mail on Sunday, Left-wing firebrand Lloyd Russell-Moyle told Labour supporters: ‘I do not think it is an exaggeration when we say the Conservatives have conspired to murder and let die British citizens. That is what they have done and that is what they will continue to do.’  TheContinue reading “This is outrageous and a direct threat to Conservatives…..but as usual Labour will do nothing”

2 or 3 ….. what will it be? As a non drinker I cannot say this particularly bothers me as both Mr Points of Sue and I gave up the mothers ruin a long long time ago, infact I think I actually barely started. So…..with the news that the restrictions might be lifted and resulting in 2 or 3 pints in aContinue reading “2 or 3 ….. what will it be?”

Royal Mail Cancels Saturday Deliveries I am all for this as I have the most wonderful young postie who my dog Zeus absolutely loves and even the postie says it is unusual for a dog to wait for him. Before the virus arrived I used to make cakes and always an extra one for the postie and he especiallyContinue reading “Royal Mail Cancels Saturday Deliveries”