More ridiculous demands from the EU

Seems Barnier is now demanding that we return the elgin marbles as part of the negotiations….along with every other ridiculous demand. We need to just tell him to stick it and walk away.

They want us to give up the rock and our waters for their fish or they won’t take back the immigrants from France (well here’s an idea…take the boats back and dump on the French beaches), and its hell no with the Rock, and everything else that annoying Frenchman is demanding.

It goes to show that you cannot deal with these people and the idiot Barnier in the EU doesn’t realise that the harder he tries to play, the more we dig our heels in and hey…its obvious they don’t want the £39 billion which is great as it means our NHS, schooling and security services will get a bonus…so whoopee…and the EU….well see you, but won’t miss you.

We need to tell the EU see you on the 31st December 2020 for a farewell drink and away on WTO terms….after all they will demand reparations for them losing at Waterloo next….

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