Khan needs to be grounded.

Yet again we are seeing pictures of Sadiq Khan with some member of the EU, and trying to act against the government, despite having no mandate, no government position and no request from the government to do so.

Barnier with Khan in the EU

When are the government going to hold this Mayor to account for the murder capital of the EU? He is too busy fluffing and dashing to and from Brussels and where he is now becoming a laughing stock. He is just the Mayor….so shouldn’t he just be opening curtains and turning up to fetes etc?

He might control the budget for the buses and the bins etc but he does not hold any mandate to even negotiate one jot in the EU and they are using him as their useful idiot for photoshoots. They know in the EU as does he that he has no power in London and when young people are killing each other with knives, the muggings, rapes and burglary numbers going through the roof…is this really what Londoners want to see? Especially as it will have been 1st Class travel which will now be on his expenses, and for which they are having to pay for.

He is the worst mayor that they have had. He is self obsessed, irrelevant and an absolute disaster for London. He has reduced it to nothing more than his expensive train set…after all he said when he was Mayor the London Underground prices would not rise…..and what a fibber…they did as soon as he got in, as well as the congestion charge going through the roof and he is hitting the taxpayers constantly and the poor people being scared at going out at night because he has no control, ….but then again he doesn’t care….he just wants to travel 1st class and getting involved in politics that is above his pay grade….as he knows that he is out at the next mayoral elections and that will put a stop to his gallivanting.

The government should clip his wings and tell him to do what he should be doing…making sure the bins are emptied and the buses run on time, and that the litter is off the streets as it seems he is incapable of doing anything else…or yes ….forgot he is very very good at endless whinging.

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