Coronavirus – no mercy flights

David and Sally Abel are among 169 people confirmed to have the virus over the last 48 hours, taking the total on board the ship in Yokohama to more than 500. They will now be taken to hospital on the mainland just a day before their lockdown on board the Diamond Princess was due to end. ‘We have been proved positive and leaving for hospital soon. Blessings all,’ said Mr Abel, who has been providing regular updates from the ship. The UK government said today it was ‘working to organise a flight back to the UK’ for British passengers but it is unclear whether Mr and Mrs Abel will now be eligible to use this”.

Daily Mail

It is sad to read that they have both become unwell but can we really afford to bring people back with this horrid virus? It is like asking the plague to come and visit our shores once again. They must stay where they are as it only takes one to get out and boom….we have a misery on our hands and if they are being taken care off or have the access to medical care by a country who knows what they are doing….then for the love of god keep them there.

When all clear then of course fetch them home but can we really risk our young, elderly and unwell just because they are unhappy? For me…not a chance.

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