When you are amazed by your child…..

I first want to say my son Joe is an exceptional young man and he is your quiet reserved type, but my goodness he has made his father, brother and I very proud.

He is currently studying for a PhD in Bio medical science looking into spinal muscular atrophy, and the ways that sufferers can be helped. That is my simplified version as I do try to understand but his brain power makes my head hurt.

Wind back 12 years I always thought Joe would head for the armed forces but I am glad I was wrong. He has and will continue to excel at everything he does, and he is even winning funded places to present talks across the world.

I know that Joe will aspire to be everything he sets his mind and heart too, and as proud parents we are so thrilled he has chosen to help others.

Joe is the inspiration for all of us, his niece and nephews adore him, and his dad, brother and I are so proud of the effort he has put in. Even knowing he will leave studying with debts of over 50k…..it hasn’t stalled him. He quite simply is an amazing young man.

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