Bravery even when the odds are against them.. There are demonstrations against the Iranian Regime, the shooting down of the Ukrainian plane, and the admission finally that Iran shot it down despite accusing the West of lying. There are calls for the Ayatollah Supreme leader Ali Khamenei to resign across four universities. This is a very brave step forward for those protesting,Continue reading “Bravery even when the odds are against them..”

Harry wants, wants and wants…because Meagain is dictating…. Seems Harry wants to secure a tax payer funded payout to live in luxury, whilst trying to kid everyone they are independent. She went into this marriage with these plans, and Hapless Harry has been caught in her web. They should be made to leave, stripped of titles, all taxpayers money paid for herContinue reading “Harry wants, wants and wants…because Meagain is dictating….”