Who are the morons who do this?


Yet again another story of a dead fox, only this time being dumped as a “lesson”.

I can understand protective measures to take make sure your chickens etc are safe. Like double netting, putting them in places where a fox can’t dig as they are hunters and only doing what nature urges them to do to survive, but killing them…come on people…just stop!

I am however fed up of the wealthy killing them for sport. I am lucky enough to live opposite a huge country park and the greatest joy I have is seeing wildlife in all its glory, and to top it off are the fox’s. I saw one that had the most glorious colours of red, bronze and orange and it was gorgeous and big.

Came to sniff us out…our JRT and him looked at each other…and then the fox ran off and it was a truly blessed moment, although Zeus didn’t know what to think as he is a lover not a fighter.

If you keep chickens etc make the coop fox proof, but for god sake this hunting them has to stop. They have a right to life, they are an asset to the countryside and can be tourist attractions as I have told people and the park now is full of people wanting photographs of the fox’s, the stoats, the swans, the ducks, the geese, rabbits etc…and they all live in harmony …so who are we to decide it has no rights?

Killing fox’s is wrong and it is high time the wealthy on the horses were made to realise that. Let’s spray one of them in eau de fox and let them loose…much more sporting to watch the dogs chase them.

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