Let him rot.

I don’t care who Jahadi Jack married…could be The Queen of Sheba for all I care, all I know is that this man for whatever reason threw his lot in with the worst terror organisation of late.

He and his chums are responsible for murdering innocent people by beheading, shooting or throwing them of buildings for being gay. Crucifixion, torture, rape, massacring people because of faith, acts of terrorism and displacing whole communities….and this fool and his equally stupid parents think we should let him back in…are they for real?.

As a citizen of this country your allegiance is to the Queen, this country and her people. You defend the freedoms we have, and that is expected of us all as the price for the way we live and with some of us that is joining HM Forces….as let’s face it if push come to it ..like any old sweat we would take up arms to defend that right, that freedom of tolerance and worshipping the religion of your choice, without fear of losing your life and this is where this monster differs.

He would deny all of that, he would deny religious tolerance, he would force slavery on any individual who was not of his cloth, and he would kill for pleasure, terrorise for sport and create wholesale pain, suffering and despair.

That is why he should never be allowed to return. Nor should Canada have to be saddled with him. Let him die in a Kurdish jail as they have suffered at his and his equally disgusting friends hands and for that we should show no concern, no compassion and no mercy.

Let those who have suffered the most be the right hand of God in his judgement. They have earned it.


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