The great Sir Bill Cash….

Speech by Sir Bill Cash , what a man !!

Sir Bill Cash said on Friday the 20th of December:

The European Union is utterly un-democratic the EU makes its laws and I speak as a person who has been Chairman of the European Scrutiny Committee for 10 years and I have been on the Committee for 34 years therefore I know a bit about what has been going on. The reality is that legislation is made in the Council of Ministers behind closed doors by majority vote of other countries over us and in addition to that normally made by consensus and WITHOUT even a transcript.

It is a complete travesty to suggest that in some shape or another we are little Englanders or Nationalistic we are nothing of the kind. This is a watershed moment in our history, this Bill will go down in history when it is enacted, in conjunction with the Withdrawal Act of 2018 which repeals the European Communities Act 1972 and takes us out of the subjugation and the shackles of our being unable to govern ourselves and having the rules imposed upon us by other member states.

It is about lawmaking that is why we are returned to this house, this is why by the free choice of the people of this country and I congratulate them with every fibre of my being for making the decision, such an emphatic decision in the General Election, the reality is that this is a historic moment it compares to the decision that was taken in 1660 when we came back into Parliamentary Government, we re-established Parliamentary Government in 1688 then there was the giving of the right to the British people, the working man to be able to vote in 1867.

Then in May 1940 we decided that we would not be governed by any other country, we defeated Hitler and we made it clear that we were going to be a self-governing nation.

For me this has been a long journey, my first amendment on the question on sovereignty was in June 1986 during the Single European Act I wasn’t even allowed to debate it, I was cut off at the knees by the speaker at the time for daring to suggest that it should even be debated.

The fact is we then moved on to the Maastricht Treaty and I had the privilege of helping to run and lead the rebellion because it was needed to stop European Government because this is what that Treaty was all about. Then we moved on to Nice, Amsterdam and then to Lisbon and I look around and survey the landscape of this enormous change that is now taking place today and I see exhausted volcanoes of former Prime Ministers who have been constantly on the media telling us that we got Brexit wrong – NO WE DID NOT and furthermore not only did we get it right but the British people absolutely 100% know that this is one of the great moments in British History we have been shackled by the European Union – yes we will continue to trade with the European Union, yes we will have global trading, yes we will have our democracy and our sovereignty back.

This is a great moment in our history and as far as I am concerned the two most important clauses in this Bill are clauses 29 and 38 one of which gives the right of the European Scrutiny Committee to determine whether or not the matters of vital national interest need to be protected from legislation which during the transitional period may well be brought in against us by the European Union from behind closed doors as in the case of the Ports Regulation for example only a few years ago which was objected to and was absolutely resisted not only by members of the Committee but also by all the Trade Unions and also ALL the Port employers yet it was imposed upon us. We were overridden, this Parliament was treated with contempt despite the fact that we were completely against this Ports Regulation. So the other clause is the one which relates to Parliamentary Sovereignty and I am glad to note that the wording in that clause is identical to the wording in certain respects to that I put forward in June 1986 perhaps that long journey has proven to be worthwhile.

So I congratulate the Prime Minister on what he has achieved and above all else I congratulate the voters of this country, particularly those in Labour seats. I was brought up in Sheffield I saw the destruction of the steel industry, I saw the destruction of the coal industry – it was done by the European Coal and Steel Community that was at the root of the problem – I say with every fibre of my being the European Union has done no good to this country we run a massive deficit and we run a surplus with the rest of the world – we have now regained by this Bill when enacted the right to govern ourselves this is about democracy and about trust and that is something which is so precious people fought and died for it.

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