Labour supporter and her rabbit caught in the headlights look…..

I almost felt somewhat sorry for the labour supporter knocking on the door and getting me this morning.

‘I trust we can rely on your vote for Jeremy Corbyn’….’not bloody likely’ says I….

‘We are a Jewish family and ex service personnel in this household and he hates everything we stand for’……then she gave me the rabbit in the headlights look followed by a sympathetic ‘Well I can’t blame you but it is close’…..then I started laughing.

When I explained the polling and % lead the Conservatives I realised she was shrinking under the political onslaught from me.

I told her never mind ‘friday morning you can clean the swamp, get rid of the festering rubbish at the top and get a leader that will appeal to the masses, and not one based on hate’. I then wished her good luck as she will need it.

Bet I was the one voter she never expected or wanted to meet. ….

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