One Tory Candidate who won’t be getting elected. Never have I read something that made my blood boil. The woman above who is standing for Hastings and Rye stated was asked about an article written in 2017 regarding disability and pay and I quote…… Speaking at the hustings Ms Hart, who has been a councillor for Rother District council for four years,Continue reading “One Tory Candidate who won’t be getting elected.”

Being a Union Leader is very profitable…. Seems taking the subs from all the union members is a very lucrative thing for the heads of the Unions. Pink Champagne, oysters and designer shopping….how wonderful of those on minimum wages to let McCluskey and his ilk do this….Christmas every day for them. Union baron Len McCluskey and his close friend, Labour electionContinue reading “Being a Union Leader is very profitable….”