Heading up the miners union is profitable to the tune of £165,000

Seems the trough for union snouts is very large and very generous. Mr Ian Lavery who is now the Labour Party Chairman received a very generous pay out from the National Union of Miners. He applied for and was given an interest free loan of some £72,000 to purchase a home which was eventually writtenContinue reading “Heading up the miners union is profitable to the tune of £165,000”

If Labour get in…Great Britain will lose.

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7755539/John-McDonnell-tells-militant-RMT-chiefs-government-us.html#v-2902307352697683230 It seems that the 27 day strike that is crippling the South with the walk out of the militant RMT is not enough for Labour, as a video has surfaced of John McDonnell stating that the RMT must be part of the Government when it comes to transport. Dear god what is the MarxistContinue reading “If Labour get in…Great Britain will lose.”

When politicians behave like children.

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7756587/Emmanuel-Macron-vents-fury-stolen-video-gossiping-world-leaders-mocking-Donald-Trump.html How childish of everyone concerned to act the way they have today. Shame on those who thought it was funny to take the mickey out of the President of the United States, but then he needs to grow a rhino skin and stop tantrum throwing. I get it that it is rude to discussContinue reading “When politicians behave like children.”