The lunacy of our soft prison sentences for terrorist offences.

Islamist terrorist Usman Khan was automatically freed half way through a 16 year sentence.

Lord Levenson over-ruled the original sentence where he had been given an indeterminate sentence for terrorism and gave him instead 16 years. This resulted in the automatic freeing at 8 years. There was no route for redress and the probation service was not given the choice to decide whether he was a danger or not….or sadly as we found out he was.

I am not bringing in gripes about the complex workings of the probation service as they are a hard working group of people who deal with some of the worst members of society, and I will say it now…I would not do it….so god bless them for doing a hard job.

What I am going to blast is the judicial system that allows people who we know are dangerous to have the benefit of the law on their side. The law is fluid and it must move with the times or else it will not be fit for purpose, and I am not blaming Lord Levenson as he could only work with what he was given…but it is the fault of politicians.

The law is made in Parliament and judges interpret it and it shows that the current law for dealing with terrorists is not fit for purpose. Only yesterday, President Trump signed for the first time the Patriots Act. This act has been available since 2001 and never been used but he did it to prevent the release of a known terrorist who would be a threat to society. The upshot is that the man who would visit death and destruction on the people of the USA is now lost in the justice system and he will never be seen again. Hurrah for President Trump.

I was always an advocate for being better than the bad guys, and even explained to my son when we were watching a programme on the Nuremburg Trails that we were right to do it as we have to be seen to be on the side of the good, but this needs to change. We cannot do that anymore because people are dying on the streets of their home town and they and we are let down by the justice system.

Those caught in the act of terrorism should be ultimately taken off the planet (that is the desired effect), but if not they should be charged before a military tribunal as only those with direct knowledge of how to deal with these monsters should be the ones to determine their prison sentence, or death sentence if I had my way.

Maybe it is about time we demanded the return of the death penalty……as how else would you deal with a fanatic? Locking them up does them no good as they either have the law on their side to get out, or they can and often do hoodwink the medical professionals that they are cured….only to have become more radicalised during the process and we cannot afford to let these people out.

The monster (I will not use his name anymore) was on licence and a tag and it was only the bravery of the public and eventually the police that prevented a massacre, and yes they were quite right to shoot him dead. I wouldn’t have cared if they would have had him tied to a tree and then shot him…a dead terrorist can only be a good thing as he certainly won’t do it again.

Too often the bleeding hearts brigade have defended these people, but what about those poor families who will not be having their loved ones coming home? I cannot begin to imagine the pain and suffering for them and unless we as a nation demand that it stops…it won’t.

I am all for the public getting involved, after all the police are unable to be in all places at once and maybe we will start to feel a little safer, but without the justice system to match we risk becoming vigilantes.

The politicians are saying the usual sentences…well Jeremy Corbyn isn’t saying much….after all what could he say? He defends these monsters but what they say is meaningless…we must have a law passed through Parliament that has teeth and a rope behind it. Terrorists have to realise that if you commit acts of terror on British soil that you will forfeit you life, and it has to be that. It will certainly make them think again because currently all they get is a very cushy jail cell and access to the other fanatics unless the correct method of dealing with them is carried out, as it was yesterday.

This monster was a pupil of Anjem Choudary and it seems his prison sentence has done nothing to calm down his terrorist mad rantings, and all too often we see that there is always a link back to people we have to keep, who take, take and take whilst hating us…..this cannot be allowed to continue.

We must demand of this new Parliament a change in the law and that is that fundamentalists MUST not be allowed to congregate, they MUST NOT be allowing to spread their murdering hate and will be confined to their homes at all times and with no access to phones, the internet and no media communications. They are pushing it as far as they can because we are sleepwalking into allowing these monsters their freedom to commit murder and terrorism.

The new law Parliament must bring in must protect the security of this country at all times, even if it denies the basic rights of those terrorists who mean to do us harm….I can live with it and I am sure millions of others can. After all, if you do not commit such acts or harbour such grudges then you have nothing to fear and maybe we should adapt our own Patriot Act and make them disappear into the black hole of a deep prison somewhere. Maybe we should have our own Guantanamo bay where we can put them and forget them as my concern is only for those who go about their daily lives just shopping, working, socialising and it is against their human rights to allow such monsters to move freely amongst us.

How do you begin to explain to children that Nan, Grandad, Mum, Dad, Uncle, Brother, Aunt, Sister etc is not coming home because a bad person has killed them? For the sake of our children and their children we must protect them from the scourge that is terrorism and if it means summary execution of these individuals so be it. Otherwise, we will become to scared to go out, use public transport and just live our lives as normal…and we do that…they have won.

My heart truly goes out to those who have lost their innocent loved ones and I am sorry for your loss.

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