Comrade McDonnell and his private secret.

Seems Comrade McDonnell has a secret… is a secret that he does not want to get out…and one that puts him in good company with the other hypocrites in his party such as Corbyn, Diane Abbott and Seamus Milne.

Daily mail – Corbyn went to prep school. His director of strategy Seumas Milne was educated at the £39,000 a year Winchester college. His director of strategic communications James Schneider went to St Pauls School in London, whilst another close adviser, the aristocratic communist Andrew Murray is an Old Worthian. Diane Abbott sent her son to the £19,000 a year City of London School for Boys, whilst Momentum found Jon Lansman attended Highgate school. (another independent fee paying school).

Seems old Comrade McDonnell attended a private school….which costs today £36,000 a year and he was a boarder. Now it is not known if he got their on a scholarship but it is his history that he has been hell bent on hiding.

He states that he went to a De La Salle College in Ipswich but the actual name for it is St Josephs college and there is nothing mentioned about the FOUR years he attended there, and he has done nothing else but to try and pull the wool over the electorates eyes.

McDonnell has tried to say that he went there during his training to become a Priest, yet the retired masters and the school itself informs the greater public that this is not true as it is only when the pupil becomes an adult at 18 and that is for them to decide. McDonnell left at 17…so what is the truth about Mr Marxist himself?

This is the same man who has a second home with his private jetty right by the water further up the Thames and numerous boats attached to it…how can that be…a man who wages financial war against the haves and have nots….and who took great delight in throwing his little red Marxist book across the commons as though it is the holy grail of how to run a country…BADLY is very much a have….

I will say it for what it is…McDonnell is a hypocrite. He is in good company especially as Abbott whilst railing against the privileges of private education sent her son to a £19,000 a year fee paying school….like McDonnell was highlighting the needs to do away with such evils as they only promote elitism.

Like all Marxist socialists, McDonnell only believes in a privilege for the few. History is littered with it as after the 1917 revolution in Russia Lenin had a chauffeur driven rolls Royce….a vehicle way past the financial means of any Russian citizen. He and is hangers on lived a very privilege life on the proceeds of stealing the fortunes of the Romanovs and I doubt whether any of them had to chose between heating and food…unlike the average Russian….and I have a feeling that McDonnell fancies this way of life for him and his hangers on.

The Trade Union Barons who pride themselves on working for the people have wages higher than that of the prime minister, and who manage to get 2nd homes for which the subs of the members pay for, executive travel and when on strike…they don’t have to use food banks as their wages are still being paid for by the strikers…who if there is no fund available…don’t get a penny and who by the way get kicked out of the union if they cannot afford their fees, after all look at Scargill……McCluskey is a prime example as he has had to pay back £400,000 towards a London flat….the cost of that £700,000…for a union man surely not??, and what about the other £300,000 he still owes? His pay is more than that of the Prime Minster….being a Marxist socialist is profitable for him then…..

Now let me ask you…who has the privilege now? Could it be that McDonnell, Milne, Abbott and Corbyn have decided that they are the elite, and that they plan to ensure that nobody gains the privileges that they have had. By the way….McDonnell if did have his fees paid for it was by a Conservative council…you couldn’t make it up could you?

Why go to such lengths to hide your past? I should imagine it is because he has given us such a stereotypical hard done by persona that he truly believes the rubbish himself. He has always been handed his comfy life by the payment of others and his last published taxes showed that he received in excess of £112,000 a year….and Corbyn…£137,000….now I don’t know about you but never have I ever earned that sort of money and surely that makes him and Corbyn members of the elite rich.

After all the £112,000 a year has allowed him to purchase TWO houses, a boat and various other vehicles for messing around on the water and his cars. Seems that being a Marxist socialist really is profitable for others, and he wants to deny the same chances to others.

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