Bercow – Misfeasance in a public office

Former Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow has admitted that he had a “handmaiden role” in helping to stop a clean-break Brexit. Speaking to Italian newspaper La Repubblica, Mr Bercow denied that he had “stopped” No Deal, but confirmed: “I facilitated colleagues who wanted legally to stop the No Deal Brexit.” (BreitBart)

This is his double handed way of blowing his own trumpet and is actually stating that he STOPPED Brexit…he did not just stop a clean break, he actually STOPPED it and he knowingly did this despite the role of speaker supposedly being impartial and that is where he knowingly committed misfeasance.

Bercow is responsible for the mess this country is in with regards to Brexit as he decided to deny the Government questions and instead gave it to those who are denying democracy. He did so by taking sides and he has overstepped his own office and he knowingly gave the opposition to Brexit an unqualified help in stopping the biggest democratic vote in the history of this country, and he is so smug about it. Unqualified as they knew beforehand what way the questions would go and that the government were on a hiding to nothing…..this is not Parliament but a tin pot democracy and Bercow made himself head of state.

He should have been removed from the chair the minute he started to commit treachery against the people, and he should definitely not be elevated to the Lords, and surely it needs looking into as to what he will gain from this….especially as he was so anti EU before coming speaker.

I am glad he has now gone and that a decent speaker is in place as the post of Speaker of the Commons has been honourable right upto the point he took over, and he dragged it into the gutter.

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