When accusations of sexism are teetering towards the ridiculous.

Chris Bithell who is a councillor for Flintshire pointed out during a debate that the expenses for women councillors should be more to the tune of £350 there was uproar and a woman councillor taking offence at such a sexist remark!!!!

I am struggling to understand what was so offensive or sexist? Women do cost more and do spend more on clothes….just ask Mr Points of Sue…I have taken over 4 wardrobes and give me time will work on his, especially as I can never have enough shoes, bags and matching coats.

There is nothing sexist about acknowledging that we do spend more on clothes as we ladies do, and maybe we need to stop being snowflakes and offended by everything to actually think…do you know what…maybe he said it with the best intentions and being a married man…probably has insider knowledge from his own Mrs.

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