The joy of being praised.

I had the joy of my eldest grandson coming for tea on Wednesday and we got chatting about school etc and how well he is doing. He even speaks to me in Spanish and French and then the subject of my website came up as we were discussing media and how it has an effect on everything.

He asked how it was going and I showed him and his little face lit up. He read it and then said “Nana I am so proud of you”….if I could have jumped in the air with joy I would of.

Then yesterday Mr Points of Sue sent me a text telling me that he was reading my website and he was very impressed…..and those two comments told me everything I need to know and that is my family love me, respect me and are fully behind me. Everything I need to succeed with this.

With that kind of praise I could conquer the media equivalent of Mt Everest and to have my beloved grandson tell me he is proud of me is the icing on the cake for me, and so long as the family love it…I will carry on as praise from your grandchildren is the greatest kind of praise going.

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