Smart motorways are dangerous.

I am not sure who came up with the ridiculous idea that making a 4th lane on the motorway will speed things up….that 4th lane previously being the hard shoulder.

70% of users think that a smart motorway is more dangerous and well…what a surprise who would of thought it. After all there is no where to breakdown now, nowhere to safely repair vehicles by the AA or RAC and nowhere where an ambulance can help people without having to run the gauntlet of the traffic themselves.

I am the most nervous of people in a car to start with after being left disabled by an RTA, but I don’t drive and thankfully Mr Points of Sue is the safest of drivers…but he is not the worry for me…it is everyone else around us and I particularly hate lorries on the motorways as there seems to be more and more traffic on the roads than ever.

The government has admitted that people have been killed on these so called ‘smart motorways’ due to breaking down and accidents, but what did they expect when people have no means of getting away from speeding cars or lorries?

Smart motorways account for at least 416 miles of motorway and are expected to almost double in length by April 2025. Figures revealed 19,316 motorists broke down in a live lane on a smart motorway in 2017 and 2018 – a rate of 26 a day. The system currently operates on stretches of the M1, M4, M6, M25, M42, M60 and M62.

Highways England has insisted smart motorways are ‘significantly safer’ than standard ones. Four people were killed on a section of the M1 in just ten months after being hit by traffic in a live lane that used to be a hard shoulder. Each victim died after being unable to reach a safe lay-by

Source Daily Mail

Further smart motorways are planned but how ridiculous to have no exit places for vehicles other than pulls off that are over a 1.6 miles apart…at what point can you guarantee you will break down just at that point?

This is just the highways agency plan z to tackle the growing traffic congestion, instead of ensuring that roads are run correctly….taking the emergency lane does not seem like the best laid plans of mice and men. instead more traffic control measures should be brought in and the safety net left in place…after all it is akin to go rock climbing without a safety rope…equally mad.

It does not reduce traffic congestion and Mr Points and Sue and I know this as we make weekly journeys to see our son who is studying for a PhD, and the number of times we have to come back via cross country as one look at the motorways and your heart sinks.

Without an area to safely pull over there will be more deaths and more accidents, and these deaths could well include those who are sent to help, and as a nation are we really in such a rush that we need to stop thinking about our own safety, and that of other people?

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