MPs threatened…this is not the British way.

Ian Duncan Smith is the latest MP to be threatened by the new wave of nasty politics that has surfaced its ugly head since Corbyn and Momentum.

He has been informed that the simple act of attending the polling office could be dangerous and he must have a body guard with him, and that the police will be present at his polling station. I am totally dismayed at this as never would I have thought that this country could stoop so low and become so corrupt, but then did we ever think that an anti semetic terrorist supporter could become leader of the opposition?

The rise in threats has occurred under the watch of Corbyn and now we see that the constituency office of Ian Duncan Smith has been attacked.

To add insult to injury when he put his concern on his media accounts the vile abuse continued.

One user wrote: ‘Corbyn did promise a dirty campaign, he is delivering.’ The message was accompanied by a laughing emoji. Another said: ‘Seems perfectly acceptable to me. Also acceptable would be lining you up against a wall in front of a firing squad.’ A third user said ‘they should have used petrol’, and another wrote: ‘Great work, comrades.’

Source – Daily Mail

The police should immediately look into the accounts of the thugs who wrote such vile things and it should be an immediate prison sentence to deter such individuals. Mind you, the woman who is standing for Labour is not a pleasant individual herself…so there is a lot in common with Corbyn and Momentum ….

Dr Faiza Shaheen defended Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn after he visited the grave of terrorists behind the murder of 11 Israeli athletes and said ‘it’s not a fact’ that the killings were an anti-Semitism issue. She later apologised. Don’t they always apologise without really meaning it.

Gone are the days when a good old fashioned political argument was good natured and down the pub with your mates. Now we have politicians threatening in parliament such as Jess Phillips and Labour having the knack of picking the most rabid anti semites to stand for the election. Is that really what we have become?

Once he has been defeated the cult of Corbyn must be stopped and those around him banished to the holes they have appeared from, otherwise we will never again be allowed to state that we are the mother of all democracies and be a shining light in the world. Currently all we are showing is hate, vileness and threats.

Mr Duncan Smith stated that “momentum activists often come from neighbouring Hackney and they are just trying to frighten decent people. This is the nasties General Election campaign I have seen in my more than 20 years here” and he is not wrong.

If you have a leader who has based his entire political life on hate then it follows that his supporters are like that too, and this must be stopped now before somebody gets hurt or killed by them.

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