Jo Swinson – From the sublime to the ludicrous.

Just when you think that Jo Swinson couldn’t come across as any madder than normal, she has outdone herself yet again.

During her environmental star turn she actually stated that Brexit was a climate crime. I don’t know about you but I didn’t know my stance for freedom from Europe had committed any acts against the UN and the environment.

She states that it is and I quote “morally wrong to leave our seat at the table and give up our influence to create the change need right across the world”….one question where does she think we are going after Brexit? Are we going to disappear down some huge sinkhole and never to be seen again? Does she have so little faith in our ability and standing in the world?

Her husband’s company finances might go down the pan but there is no way that as the 5th most prominent fiscal nation our voices were not going to be heard, and we have politicians who are committed to the environment who are in government.

She states we have two paths here…..I guess stopping Brexit is one of them as she further drones on “one where our children will have a poisoned planet or one where our children will breathe clear air and where going green is the easier and cheaper options where we protect our planet for future generations”.

The woman is obsessed with Brexit as wanting your own sovereignty is not causing a climate issue….unless you think about the constant hot air the likes of Swinson is causing, then there is a worrying increase in the hot house gases as she never ever shuts up. She would gladly sell her granny out if it meant she could stay in the EU and no doubt safeguard the millions of euros her other half receives from the EU.

I actually had a bet with Mr Points of Sue about how long it would take for her to mention Brexit…he said five minutes and I said seconds and I won. So it doesn’t matter whatever the subject for her….the evil Brexit is to blame.

The leader of the Lib Dems will just not listen and her spokesperson stated that she is only new to the role following the criticism for her fake tears regarding the case of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, and in true political stance she makes the whole subject about her and not the actual person it is concerning. Well her spokesperson can try to excuse it all you like …. after all Boris has not been in the job very long but he is doing something she is not and that is listening.

The polls regarding her likeability are plummeting and they are predicting that they will gain just 1 more seat, but will lose those who walked the floor in parliament…well fandangoed with the amount of dance moves and the number of parties they joined…but it all boils down to the fact that she is not a likeable person as a leader.

Her Brexit stance or rather stopping the biggest democratic vote is hitting her hard and she does not know when to let go….and I doubt she will ever listen to those who are trying to “advise her”, especially as she is stuck on stopping Brexit and for her she cannot see the woods for the trees as she has stuck millions of tonnes of earth in front of the view too.

A vote for the Lib Dems really is a wasted vote as they flip flop and change their minds constantly and do you really want someone that so changeable in charge?

The best quote for me was from her spokeswoman when asked why should Jo Swinson be trusted after all she voted for the bedroom tax, to restrict benefit rises to 1% and voted in Student loans…and the reply…”well lets not dwell in the past”……I give up……as that comment says never mind what she have done and cost you just vote for her but remember she will no doubt cost the country a whole lot more to come.

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