Jeremy Corbyn and his plans for wholesale debt.

Seems Uncle Corbyn is in the mood to give away money again….yes ours NO SURPRISE THERE THEN!

His latest crackpot plan is for us to change our gas boilers…oh against our will by the way. He reiterated his plan for zero carbon homes and the only way he can do it is to force us to change the way we heat our homes.

He is now making demands that we take out loans to replace them, now I don’t know about you but I only had mine done last year at a considerable cost and I am not about to do it again because Comrade Corbyn who I am in no doubt can get his done on expenses, will demand that I do mine.

He states “when you offer people either an interest free loan to convert their house or you do it for them in the social rented sector then I think you’ve made a massive step forward”…WRONG.

Those who get theirs done for free in the social housing have no choice and after all why worry as I as a council tax payer and millions like me will be picking up the tab, and then I will have to pick up the tab to do my own.

How absolutely irresponsible to state that he would force people to do it. That is getting every household in the United Kingdom into debt and one that will cost the government billions as what happens when people don’t pay it? Especially when they lose their jobs due to his unrealistic minimum wage demands, his taxing of the lower paid and the taxing of small businesses.

Does anybody actually hold him to check or is he allowed to just wander off in to the world of saying anything off the cuff so long as somebody else is paying?

He states that we will reap the benefits of the thousands we have to pay out in lower gas or electricity bills….what a load of tosh. First thing is that as soon as possible the bills will rise and we are still paying for the solar panels that were very kindly paid for by us on council houses. These things never ever pay for themselves, and then there is the cost of setting up the wind farms…where is that coming from? Certainly not the rich investors as they would have left.

Corbyn’s spending is getting out of control…..

His immediate costings are some £83 billion pounds and this does not include taking back the railways, the gas, electric and water. This will run to the tune of a £trillion pounds unless true to Marxist style Corbyn and McDonnell devalue the companies, and then we will lose our pensions and the cost of living will rise to the point of leaving more and more people unable to cope.

Corbyn and his mafia style shadow front bench are just picking policies out of thin air and hoping that the bandwagon they jump on are the relevant ones, when in reality he is clueless and soon to be jobless as leader.

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