Assad striking a decisive blow against ISIS.

It seems the only one willing to put his head above the parapet and make a decision about the ISIS terrorists being held is Assad.

He has decided that those who are currently held in Syrian prisons will be hung for their crimes and quite right. There can be no court of law for these people as how can they be defended?

These are the same monsters who have beheaded, raped, murdered, terrorised, set fire to a Jordanian pilot and threw people off buildings…all because they were gay! They are not human….they are a cancer on the planet.

These monsters lost every right to any fair hearing because it has to be seen that people will not tolerate what they do. The Syrian Army along with the Russians are already guarding the jails in Syria because the Kurds have had to go and fight an illegal war with Turkey and Assad does not want these people on his soil.

The parents of Jihadi Jack must realise that their son is beyond help. He went to fight with the worst terrorist group since the Nazis and the atrocities they committed must be paid for, and the ultimate pay back is to hang them for their crimes.

It is a sad state of affairs that it is someone like Assad who has decided to do this, as really we in the western world should have a policy for this as few people will shout their support in defence of these monsters, but they won’t and I guess it will take a monster to kill other monsters.

We should be grateful as if it was left to Corbyn, these people would be welcome here and given a house, benefits and anything else they want as they would be his “friends”.

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