How lucky is Prince Charles? I envy him and not because of the usual comments…

No not the fact he is living a life of luxury courtesy of us…nor the fact that he is going to be King, nor the fact that his children and grandchildren will never have a worry in the world…but the fact that at the age of 71 he still has his parents.

It has been reported that Prince Charles has gone to Sandringham for a couple of days to take advice from his father on what to do with Prince Andrew. How comforting it must be to be able to do that…

I lost my own father at the age of 38 and I would give anything to sit down with him and ask his advice. We had our fallings out as all families do, but he was the most amazing man I have ever met and to be his daughter is a privilege as he might no longer be with us…. but I am still Eric’s daughter.

My father was fighting in Europe at the age of 16 and not once in his life did he expect a handout from anyone but installed in all of his children that you need to be a productive member of society, and I hope that he saw that we were and are.

No matter what your age we all would like to sit down with our parents and talk to them. I am lucky as in my 50s I still have my mother and bless her if you want to talk knitting, bingo and more bingo then my mother is the one to talk too…but my dad…..well he was the political animal and so knowledgeable and I would have asked his opinion on so many topics that my blog would be 5 times longer than it is.

So, whatever issues and problems are happening in the Royal Family they should count their blessings that they as they are now elderly people they still have their parents… that itself is a blessing, and for that I feel so envious of Charles because if I was told I could have all the riches in the world or my dad back….well I shall put the kettle on…get the remote control just in his reach and wait for him.

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