Corbyn just needs to give it up and realise he is lost…in all sense of the word.

With great fanfare and drum roll Uncle Corbyn and his some of his shifty shadow cabinet revealed how the Tories were “lying to us” and that they were planning to sell the NHS….and he had the proof.

Further big drum roll and up he pops with an unredacted official looking document that showed proof what the Tories were upto….and then it went down hill from there.

The “Proof”….was a document that had been available for a year on Reddit, and it was also 2 years old and it was available for anyone to upload as it was not an official document, and here is the best bit…it was listed under the name of the former PM Mrs Theresa May and not Boris Johnson.

‘This sort of conspiracy theory fuelled nonsense is not befitting of the leader of a major political party.’  said International Trade Secretary, Liz Truss.

The roundtable meetings outlined in the papers took place during Ms May’s premiership and were only preliminary discussions to lay the groundwork for any future trade talks once the UK left the EU.

Ms May’s withdrawal agreement also tied the UK into a ‘single customs territory’ which would have hamstrung any trade deal with the US for the two-year transition period, meaning nothing concrete could have been agreed.

Mr Johnson has since overhauled the cabinet, replacing the ministers and vowing to never involve the NHS in a bargain with Washington.

Yet as election campaigning was ramped up, Mr Corbyn used the previously ‘secret document’ – which only mentions the NHS a handful of times – as ammunition to tear into the Conservatives for putting Britain’s health service at risk.

Except the papers were not so secret, as it was revealed after the press conference that the full documents had been uploaded to online sharing platform Reddit at the end of October last year, infact Corbyn has had the papers for over 2 months, and it only mentions the NHS 4 times throughout the whole document, and Corbyn does not inform those present that the Government comes under the drug pricing rule of the EU and they will incorporate it into British law and this will prevent the Government from the over pricing of medication, or allowing anyone else to do it….but I doubt Corbyn would appreciate the truth getting in the way of his lies and spin.

It shows how desperate, devious and sneaky Corbyn is. He will do anything to try discredit people and draw them away from his vile leanings and car crash interview, but to openly use lies just shows that he really is not fit for the high office of PM….he never was.

How could you have someone who would not be concerned with the security of the nation in charge of the security of the nation. A person who would put the rights of his terrorist chums first, after all he has form for it and openly advocated for the rights of those who kill and maim British subjects even calling them friends.

Labour might as well wrap it up now and realise that the best they can do is limit the damage control that will happen with the General Election as all pollster predict a 66 seat for the Conservatives and Labour going down to 199. Labour should be grateful as they would have hit the deepest depths of the sewer under the leadership of Corbyn and the only way for them is to clean their swamp and kick him out….and then and only then will they be able to rebuild. They need to put his attack dogs momentum out to the political wilderness as they are nasty, offensive and anti semetic and their form of politics do not belong in a decent society.

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