Why does the SNP want to hand over an independent Scotland to the EU?

All we hear from Nicola Sturgeon is that Scotland must have a 2nd Referendum as they want independence from the United Kingdom.

I get it…I really do…but why gain independence to promptly then hand everything over to the EU. To be dictated too about currency, laws, the movements of people, setting your budget, deciding how much YOU pay the EU and even where they can fish?

Now I don’t know about you but that is not my idea of independence.

Has she ever asked the fishing industries about what they want? I am sure total control of their own waters would be nice for a start, but not with the 1st Minister…she is that stoked up about her dislike of the English that she would forfeit the Barnett formula and strike out on her own with Scotland in tow.

Contrary to her endless speeches she will not be allowed to use the Bank of England…because the EU will not allow them to use it and it will be the failing EURO they will have to accept.

We will of course have to have borders on Scotland as they will have to accept Schengen but we don’t and locking down our borders will be the only way forward…and then there is that pesky problem of having a country outside of the EU on your border. There will have to be goods checked in and out and look at the problem that the border of Ireland and NI has caused…

There will also be the question of paying off the debts that Scotland will owe to the rest of the United Kingdom….so they will start off with the worst deficit in the EU….and Sturgeon really has not thought that Spain will say no and so will France…after all if they say yes to Scotland then Catalonia and the Basque regions will have to have the same.

I like millions of others want Scotland to stay. I love Scotland and regardless of the weather the top of Scotland is truly heaven on earth and god’s country. The history of England is entwined with Scotland and our heroes are your heroes. I listen to the pipes and drums and it is beautiful and when I was younger and in the Army was thrilled to be able to march behind the pipes and drums and it was heaven, and the loss of Scotland will be like losing our soul, and we need you to stay.

To leave us for the EUSSR is not independence but a millstone around your financial neck and the fishermen will lose even more than they are doing., stay with us and lets make Great Britain stronger and wealthier together.

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