Stopping Brexit is now stopping the Lib Dems

Poor old Jo Swinson not only is she discovering at the polls that people just do not warm to her, but to the Lib Dems horror they are losing numbers due to their undemocratic vow to stop Brexit being the number 1 reason.

Now they are saying would they would like to do if they backed a remain majority in Parliament…NOT THAT THEY WILL WIN (which they banged the drum for long enough) and she is no longer being touted as the next PM…(god love her she does have a sense of self importance).

It seems that the people on the doorstep despite voting remain, also appreciate that the referendum result cannot be ignored. Oh we get the usual crowd who come out and scream stop Brexit…but they are normally the sort you avoid when out shopping…you know that sort of weird Great Aunt and Great Uncle that your mum hoped would never visit….but the majority of British people appreciate that a democratic vote must be respected.

That is the problem, the Lib Dems and Labour (although nobody knows what they represent) are not respecting it, and no amount of lying through their teeth will say that they are, and now the Lib Dems and their leader are now reaping what they have sown.

Do you think it will ever dawn on them that the British believe in a sense of fair play and don’t ever mess with our democracy?

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