Jeremy Corbyn and his vile anti semetism and his continued refusal to apologise….

I have never hid my dislike of Jeremy Corbyn and everything about him goes against everything I stand for.

He hates Great Britain and he hates everything we have ever done in the world, and his stand with the terrorist group the IRA has for me remained one of the chief reasons why I disliked him. At the height of the troubles I served in the Army and to watch an elected member of parliament openly cavorting with the enemy made me feel angry, sick and disgusted, and he should have been locked up as an enemy of the state then, and shame on those who just commented he was a harmless fool….that harmless fool is now the main mouthpiece of the vilest anti semetism…..

Never did I think that he could outdo himself in terms of vileness but true to good old Corbyn style…he has.

Numerous times today he was asked by the presenter Andrew Neil if he would like to apologise to British Jews and he ignored the question and instead prattled on endlessly about how he has fought abuse all his life….well how does he explain why there are currently a dozen people (that we know about) standing on behalf of Labour who quite frankly are anti semetic and offensive …and their own words on their own media posts against the Jewish Community and Israel have shown what they are, but they are just the sort of people that Corbyn adores…. the same bottom feeders as him.

There are hundreds of complaints against Labour regarding anti semetism and he has put an anti semite in charge of it….you could not make it up, and they have all been swept under the carpet or as the Chief Rabbi states that it is a “mendacious fiction” that Labour has investigated every single case of alleged anti semetism. That is a polite way of saying it is rubbish and lies to say they have.

Corbyn has stood at the graveside of Hamas murderers, openly shared platforms with people who have called for the destruction of Israel and allowed the most vile individuals a free reign to state the most disgusting lies about the Jewish community. and he did nothing whilst Jewish MPs were threatened with violence in the most disgusting of ways and what did Corbyn do??? Smile and laugh…… The Jewish community of Great Britain are a huge asset to this country, they work hard, run successful businesses and employ people in the community and they keep themselves to themselves. After all, when was the last time you saw Jews openly marching against the country, the government and the freedom of rights that we enjoy? They don’t cause any issue and just want to be left alone but that is not good for enough for Corbyn the Jew hater…..he will not settle until they have left this country.

The Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis is perfectly correct when he states that a new poison has taken root in labour and it is sanctioned from the top, and British Jews have a lot to fear under a Corbyn government as who will stop the anti semetic attacks when what could be the PM openly advocates hatred himself, and then true to form his attack dogs turned on the Rabbi calling him a “sewer rat”…..(nice people NOT).

I know that I might be accused of being bias as I am married to a Jewish man. He served 22 years in the Army and has worked for over 40 years being a productive member of society, and protecting this society….serving in both NI and the First Gulf War….and Corbyn would hate everything about him being both Jewish and a soldier.

When you look at the likes of Mr Points of Sue he has honour running through his veins and a love of this country that he has fought for and to think he could be attacked purely because of his religion is disgusting, it is disheartening and it is on the rise. If you value a person’s freedom to live their lives within a community, people who obey the law and are productive members of society and who are only asking for the right to worship without fear of violence and interference…then you do not belong in the Corbyn Cult Party.

It must be heart breaking for those Labour supporters who are watching their beloved party becoming a platform for hatred….because I know from discussions with my own friends who used to vote Labour it was viewed as the party for the working class, and whose only beef was with the “bloody Tories”, but they used the ballot box to defeat them…the grown up way of doing it.

To have their beloved party taken over by such vile people must be devastating for them and I feel sorry for them. Watching the cult of Corbyn reminds of another time and place and not one we should re-visit.

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