Why do labour dislike the history of Great Britain.

Yet again we read of Jeremy Corbyn jumping on another bandwagon, only this bandwagon reads “he hates Britain and its history”. He has now decided that there should be a major inquiry in to the ‘Legacies of British Imperial Rule’…..dear god is he for real?

He is now trying to bring under the spotlight how Great Britain and its Imperial Empire ruled…..but the last rule we had was over 70 years ago….how much muck spreading does the fool want? Will he then hold us responsible for winning Waterloo? Will we demand reparations from the Normans for 1066 or demand payments from the Roman Empire?

He is suggesting that we pay reparations to former colonies….but who would we pay? Why should my taxes have to go towards paying? I have not had any benefit from it, and certainly never took part in it and if I remember rightly the average citizen of Great Britain did not fair too well either 100 years ago with poverty, disease and homelessness. If there is money to be given then invest it and let those in need benefit from investment but other than that it is an insult to the Royal Navy who fought so hard to stop the slavery.,…although I should imagine that Corbyn doesn’t care about upsetting the history of the Navy…as lets face it he just hates the military.

He is demanding that children be taught about the grave ‘injustices’ committed by the Empire….well maybe they should start with the grave injustices committed by his mates the IRA, and the murderers he so openly backs. Lets look at the grave injustices of ISIS and the murders, rapes, beheadings and torture of people he backs…..the same people who he said should have been captured and not took out….

Corbyn is the epitome of what is wrong with this country. They are too busy looking at ways to talk us down instead of saying what a great country we are. He is the lowest of the low and when he fails to win the election I hope he loses his seat as it really is an affront to decency having that man stand in the mother of all parliaments, when he openly backs the bad guys at every turn.

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