Jeremy Corbyn – The Terrorists Useful Idiot

Jeremy Corbyn really is the gift that keeps giving to the Conservatives and a win…..

We discover from his own shadow foreign secretary that there is not a single conflict that Britain has fought in that he has supported (no surprise there), and now we see he is resorting to his true self and putting the terrorist above the rights of the individual and the state.

Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi was one of the really bad guys and akin to Hitler in the top set of evil. This is the man who became head of ISIS and whose caliphate has created misery around the world. He was actively responsible for the rape and murder of the Yazidis, including killing the elderly, killing the men and babies, raping the young women and children, and time and time again we have seen the pits containing the remains of their victims.

He has held court over a monstrosity that included throwing people of buildings for homosexuality, crucifixions, slave markets, the beheading of foreigners and people fighting against his evil. Locking a Jordanian pilot in a cage and setting it on fire. Destabilising the middle east and then sending out his terrorist followers and blowing up concerts, killing journalists and driving trucks into crowds….all in all a thoroughly despicable man who should have been killed a long time ago…. but I suspect Corbyn would have referred to him as a “friend”.

Well now we find out that the whimpering coward dragged HIS OWN children into a cave when the American special forces were coming after him, and HE BLEW them up… the rest of the world is rejoicing at the demise of this individual, and it shows the bad guys that we will come and get you.

We have the video out with the fanfare as is quite right from The President and of course our PM said that the world is a better place now and what does the leader of the opposition say….”We should have arrested him”…WHAT!!!!!!!

I quote from Corbyn ‘If it would have been possible to arrest him – I don’t know the details of the circumstances at the time, I’ve only seen various statements put out by the US about it – surely that would have been the right thing to do, if we want to live in a world of peace and justice, we should practice it as well’ (Daily Mail).

Dear god what planet is this man living on? So we capture the bad guy and put him on trial knowing what he is responsible for… he kidding me? The correct justice was taken and he is gone, I guess though it is the true cowardly Corbyn stance and that is taking the side of the terrorist, he always does.

He has consistently sided with the murdering scum who threaten our society…. there is the IRA and lets face it he never hid his allegiance to the IRA and often celebrated when they have killed a serviceman or woman, the UDR, PSNI or the Prison Service (he was practically salivating at seeing his new chums), then we see him at the graves of the terrorists who killed Israeli athletes and now this.

Corbyn is a danger but not as a man as lets face it he would run screaming and crying down the street if someone tackled him about it….he has the permanent rabbit in a headlight look when someone questions him on his perverted outlook on the bad guys….but this is even contemptable for him.

He is a national disgrace and he should never be allowed to represent Great Britain as I have said it before and will say it again…he hates everything British and hates our armed forces and security forces more. He hates anything Jewish, anything good and anything that prevents the bad guy being brought to justice.

We have already been informed by Australia, Canada and the States that they will not share their intelligence with us as Corbyn will give it to the enemy, and they are not wrong….. I cannot wait for the 13th December 2019 when this sorry excuse of a man is turned on by his own party as he is a disgrace, a coward and a terrorist sympathiser and we as a country cannot and will not tolerate him.

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