Statistics, statistics and more statistics…..

Tories have a 20-point lead over Jeremy Corbyn‘s Labour among working class voters, figures showed today. Almost half (47 per cent) of less well-off people are planning to vote for the Prime Minister’s party, compared to little more than a quarter (27 per cent) for the main opposition, according to analysis by YouGov. In aContinue reading “Statistics, statistics and more statistics…..”

Labour’s left and right hand never meeting in the middle.

It seems that even the shadow cabinet cannot sort out their lies to tell before they put it to the nation. Jon Ashworth (the shadow health secretary) stated with much fanfare that the new 32 hour a week won’t apply to those in the NHS…(well that’s not a vote winner)…and that it will not causeContinue reading “Labour’s left and right hand never meeting in the middle.”