The drive to plant trees

I am with the Daily Mail and their drive to plant more 3 million trees across the UK.

They do absorb green gases and in your garden they look beautiful. I have planted more this year in mine. I accidently grew trees (my grandson had taken out all the markers from my planting and it was a wait and see), and up pops 6 new trees in the corner of my garden 2 years ago, and then I planted 3 weeping willows in the garden and they are starting to look gorgeous.

Wondering about the woods I started to pick up acorns and when I hit 20 I planted them in the garden and I am hoping they start to come up as I love it when the trees are in full foliage as they are stunning. I put hanging ornaments in them, bird houses and bird tables for feed and they spring to life in Spring and Summer and it is lovely to hear the new life that is within them.

I am lucky I live near a country park and when not planting trees in my own garden, I can walk around the woods and will no doubt next autumn start picking more acorns up…but I am hoping that the shoots come through from this years planting.

Trees make a built up place green. I was in Manchester on Monday and it was just a concrete jungle and very little greenery and I could not wait to get home it was just too enclosed,….so when out walking and you see acorns pick them up and plant them, or go to the local garden centre and pick up a couple as it has transformed my drab garden into a thing of beauty and I am doing my bit for the environment too….so plus points me.

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