Lily Allen achieving the dream of every has been Z Lister – publicity

It seems that apologist Lily Allen has reared her ugly head above the parapet and has now called for Rule Britannia to be scraped….despite it only just having been Remembrance. That smacks of her lack of manners, rudeness and socialist bubble where I doubt she even understands how the rubbish she spouts.

What you have to remember is that this has been appeared at a refugee camp to apologise for their treatment….yet has she taken any into her multi million pound property?? Nope she is like that loud mouth Geldof who just exist on the publicity they create, and who actually produce the square root of nothing that is of any good to anyone.

Her albums bomb and I am more surprised she has 1.3 million viewers on her site…although I would be more inclined to believe these are bought bots and not a true reflection of just how far she has slipped down the pole of stardom.

She has been brought up in a life of privilege which surely smacks against her “socialist” tendencies but she is typical of the champagne socialists who are all hypocrites, and all she has done is show the world what a continued waste of space she is and that she will do anything for publicity. Even showing us how stupid she is.

She is a product of her upbringing and if you are brought up in a house that has no pride in Great Britain then you will find your own gutter level, and she has definitely found hers.

I and million of others love “Rule Britannia” and it still resonates with us and unlike the z lister Allen it will be around long after her dreadful dreadful poorly sung hits have long been confined to the tip where they belong, and this will be the last time I write any comment on her… people like her need the publicity to promote their rubbish songs…so if we ignore it…it might just go away.

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