Labour plan to cut the miles driven by taxing drivers again and again and again….

Official Labour documents suggest the number of miles driven would have to be cut by up to 60 per cent to hit the party’s target of cutting carbon emissions to ‘net zero’ in little over a decade’s time. The document proposes ‘demand management’ to force a ‘large and rapid’ drop in car use. It seems that the Labour ideology is to tax, tax and tax some more.

A Labour ‘expert briefing’ report published last month suggested that hitting the 2030 emissions target would require a ‘mileage reduction’ of at least 20 per cent and up to 60 per cent and a shift away from private vehicles towards public transport use.

Now is this the public transport that will be going on strike? As under a Labour Government whenever someone is on strike in the world…well you can strike here. Is that the same Labour that most of the Unions own (although the GMB is thankfully taking a different stance), and who will be striking more time than working….yeah that really gives us faith in public transport. Could it be that Comrades Corbyn and McDonnell’s ideology means that only those in Government will be able to drive the big gas guzzlers and in the middle lane….as only socialists do….

Labour’s report references a separate document commissioned by Friends of the Earth, which said reducing mileage by 60 per cent would need increases in fuel duty and road pricing. (There’s that favourite wording of Labour….hitting the workers where it hurts…in the pocket). It also proposed cutting motorway speed limits below 70mph and the cancellation of all new road schemes. Labour’s net 2030 policy has also been criticised as ‘unachievable’ by its own trade union supporters, who have warned it would mean petrol cars being ‘confiscated’.

The GMB union said the target ‘threatens whole communities’ and would mean families taking ‘only one flight every five years’. The union’s leader, Tim Roache, wrote: ‘We believe it would mean within the next decade a series of measures such as the confiscation of petrol cars….it will put entire industries and the jobs they produced in peril.’

Comrade Corbyn won’t listen as he is just hell bent on taxing the middle class and making life unbearable for them or offering loans to buy cars (way to go Uncle Corbyn…giving away our money again and getting people more and more into debt to buy a car to replace the car they already have).…but coming from a man on over £102K a year…he earns far and above the middle class income and would he really want to be accused of being a hypocrite!!!

Vote Labour and end up with no money, no car, no employment and no house….and no self respect either.

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