An exercise in stupidity….

“The Apprentice’s Claude Littner has come under fire on social media after he suggested that nurses who can’t make ends meet and have to use food banks should get second jobs.  The British-American businessman, 70, who works as an adviser for Sir Alan Sugar on the BBC show, was roundly criticised for his comments.  He wrote: ‘If a nurse or anyone else need to make ends meet, nothing wrong with extending hours or finding part time work.'” Daily mail

How can someone who is supposed to be so intelligent…be so stupid!!!

I have nothing but admiration for those who work in the health service as it is often a vocation as lets face it they don’t get paid their worth and they should….otherwise you would have MPs on minimum pay and nurses on £75k a year.

It is disgusting that someone who is in business thinks so little of the wonderful job that they do, and it is even more disgusting that nurses are having to use food banks. Are they thought of so little by those in power?

Nurses work long hours already and to be faced with someone worth millions and who is obviously being paid above his worth telling them to go get another job is just a smack in the face, and he should hang his head in shame.

All political parties should stop trying to use the NHS as a political battle ground and get together to sort out the issues with it, and top priority is to pay these angels their worth and that is priceless but a £ worth must be put on and who would argue with them earning the top rates of pay for the roles they do.

We should educate those who are supposed to be the heads of industry better and to stop them looking down their noses at people who look after us in our darkest and sickest hours, after all one day he might be looking at a poorly paid nurse and wondering if she will be looking after him or rushing out to get a second job.

He should apologise but he won’t……arrogance in strong in this one.

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