The tin foil brigade shouting of Russian Interference

All day long we read in the newspapers of supposed Russian interference in our elections…why only today we have Hiliary Clinton spouting it…although how she explains her dealings with the Russians is still waiting for its answers…. However for those conspiracy theorists who are worried about the reds under the bed or rather in ourContinue reading “The tin foil brigade shouting of Russian Interference”

This is outrageous and a sign of the times.

A Tory election candidate has contacted police after he received ‘frightening’ death threats from a voter who warned him: ‘If I see you, I will slit your throat.’ Joe Miller, who is standing in Brighton’s Kemptown constituency, received a barrage of abuse on a questionnaire he had posted to local residents. The leaflet was sentContinue reading “This is outrageous and a sign of the times.”

Light hearted or sinister wish by Corbyn

During the campaign trail in Blackpool Corbyn was met by rowdy photographers who were no doubt waiting for yet another gift for the Conservative party by what is now an expected Labour gaffe and he did not disappoint. Corbyn informed the press and photographers present that “under socialism you will all cooperate”. If you thinkContinue reading “Light hearted or sinister wish by Corbyn”