The shambles of the Labour Party and Corbyn who will risk our security.

Emily Thornberry (god help us if she gets a government post) was struggling to defend Corbyn on his security history, and actually admitted that that man HAS NEVER supported any military action….but really are we surprised by the coward of a man?

Labour has stated that they would renew Trident, although I doubt it with that terrorist lover in charge…and where would the money come from as Uncle Corby and Comrade McDonnell would have bankrupt the country anyway….but she then stated that HE WOULD NOT USE IT….

When you have rogue states like Iran and North Korea knowing that…that is an open invitation for them to try it on with our security…especially knowing that Corbyn would be in charge. Thornberry further told us that Corbyn never supported The Falklands (but this we know as he has been in talks with the Argentine government on handing over the Falklands to them)….not in a month of Sundays…..but it won’t stop him from trying….

He also did not support the peace keeping in Kosovo and we know that he supported the terrorists regarding the Troubles….so a quick question…why was that disgrace actually at the remembrance yesterday? He should have been told to stay away.

Every new PM has written letters of last resort to submarine commanders giving them clear instructions but Corbyn won’t….can we really afford to have this coward anywhere near Number 10? Our security forces will be left without the necessary support needed and a man in Number 10 who will actively support the enemy, and who no doubt will give them details of what we are actually doing.

Can you imagine Argentina with him in? Off they set already having had the nod that Great Britain won’t defend….WRONG CORBYN … our Generals will take over and the best place for him…jail. Corbyn is the wrong person for the job of PM. He is a traitor to the British people, an anti semite and a terrorist supporter. Which bit of that makes him fit to be the Prime Minister of this great country.

Emily Thornberry has done at least one good thing…she has told the world what Corbyn is. She has told the world what a disgrace he is and how he will never back Great Britain and will always take the side of the terrorist, the aggressor and who will not care one jot if any servicemen gets hurt….after all he has a track record for this.

Thankfully, this scenario will not happen as we all know that Corbyn will not get into Number 10 and the best thing he can do is just crawl away to his allotment, retire and we can close the book on the biggest disgrace in politics in a long time.

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